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Industrial Company Formation In Dubai

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Industrial Company Formation In Dubai, UAE

Industrial company formation in Dubai, UAE refers to the process of setting up a company in a designated offshore jurisdiction within the Dubai Emirate. While Dubai is primarily known for its mainland and free zone company formations,  Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) is the authority responsible for industrial company formations in Dubai. Offshore companies are distinct from the mainland and free zone companies in Dubai. They are commonly used for specific purposes such as asset protection, estate planning, and holding assets.

Setting up an industrial company in Dubai can provide several benefits for international businesses and individuals.

  • Taxation Benefits
  • Asset Protection
  • Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Foreign Ownership
  • International Business Expansion

Industrial Company Registration In Dubai

Choose Offshore Jurisdiction

Select the offshore jurisdiction within Dubai where you want to establish your offshore company.

Engage a Registered Agent

A registered agent must be hired in Dubai in order to serve as a liaison between your business and offshore authority.

Prepare Required Documentation

Gather the necessary documentation for company registration.

Submit the Application

Submit the application form, along with any necessary supporting documentation, to the registered agent.

Payment of Fees

Pay the necessary registration fees and any associated charges required for the offshore company formation.The fees will vary depending on the offshore jurisdiction.

Company Registration Process

Once the application is submitted, the offshore jurisdiction authorities will review the documents and conduct their due diligence.

Company Incorporation

The offshore company will become legally incorporated after the registration procedure is successfully completed and approved by the offshore jurisdiction authorities.

Post-Incorporation Requirements

After company incorporation, you may need to fulfill additional obligations such as opening a bank account, obtaining business licenses and maintaining regular compliances.