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A complete guide on on cost of living in Dubai

Dubai is a thriving city that draws visitors from all over the world because of its abundance of opportunities, first-rate lifestyle, and safe surroundings. It’s a well-liked area for families, couples, and single professionals to call home. However, people should be aware of Dubai’s cost of living before considering relocating there. Thankfully, Dubai offers its inhabitants the freedom to live an extravagant or economical lifestyle! We examine the essential costs of life in Dubai today, covering housing, electricity, groceries, schools, and other expenses!

Dubai Life cost

Dubai is a well-liked destination for foreigners from all over the world because of its fantastic temperature, endless beaches, and booming economy. As the United Arab Emirates is a tax-free nation, most foreign visitors arrive in Dubai with the expectation of quickly and significantly increasing their savings. But, if you’re thinking about moving to Dubai, you should estimate your likely monthly costs because the city’s luxury frequently led to higher spending, lower savings, and occasionally even debt insurmountable.

The cost of living in Dubai can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as your lifestyle choices and whether you live alone or with your family. Let’s examine some of the most typical costs associated with residing in Dubai!

Expense of Living in Dubai


The costs of living in Dubai must be considered before deciding whether to rent an apartment or a villa. Depending on where you live in the emirate, rents can vary greatly. The portion of your salary that goes toward rent and, of course, your monthly cost of living in Dubai will depend significantly on the neighborhood you choose to reside in. While rental prices are higher in established neighbourhoods like Dubai Marina, Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah, and Al Barsha, you can save money on rent in outlying areas like Dubai Silicon Oasis, International City, DAMAC Hills 2, and Mirdif. The more established areas of Dubai, such Deira and Al Nahda, are renowned for offering reasonably priced real estate.


The cost of utilities, which include your water and power connections (supplied by DEWA), TV and internet packages, and cell plans, will be included in your Dubai life expenses. In Dubai, rent usually does not include utilities. They must be established with your emirate’s authorities. The estimated monthly cost of utilities is between 500 and 600 AED (136 and 163 USD). Remember that during the hottest months of the year, when air conditioning is essential, your cost will be higher.


To serve the diverse curriculum needs of the city’s huge foreign population, Dubai is home to a wide range of educational institutions, including daycare centres, nurseries, primary schools, and private schools. While public schools in Dubai are free and exclusively open to Emirati citizens, foreigners have the option to attend private schools, the cost of which is set by the government. The most common curriculum offered by schools in Dubai are the British, American, Indian, and IB programs. When your children are enrolled in one of the best schools in Dubai, the cost of their education can consume a significant amount of your annual income.


In general, food prices in Dubai are rather affordable. Dubai has a wide range of culinary options, with most supermarkets in the city carrying a number of foreign cuisine brands. These, however, can be pricey; instead, you can get locally grown, high-quality produce and veggies for a much lower price. If you prefer to buy foreign food or pricey meat cuts, or if you shop at upscale stores like Waitrose and Spinneys, you should budget heavily for groceries.


The transportation system in Dubai provides a variety of choices to meet your demands. The cost of living in Dubai also includes the cost of transportation. Depending on how long and how often you commute, your monthly cost will vary whether you drive or take public transportation. There are a number of public transportation options, including buses, water taxis, the Dubai Metro, and taxis, all of them link to all of the city’s more remote areas. Taxi, subway, bus, and ferry fares can all be paid with the Nol card, which is valid in all city zones.

Dining Out and Getting Together in Dubai

In Dubai, there’s no cap on how much you can spend on meals. What and where you choose to dine will always determine how much food costs in Dubai.  Dubai is home to several different fine-dining establishments, each providing a distinctive culinary experience. It’s a great option for people who value fine dining because Dubai serves food from all around the world.


As one of the best public healthcare systems globally, Dubai offers high-quality medical care through its joint operation of public and private healthcare facilities, which is managed by the DHA. All Emirati citizens are eligible for free healthcare in Dubai. The minimum medical insurance that is provided to foreign workers in Dubai by their employers is limited in scope and is not free. The amount that your company pays for your health insurance is based on your income and employment status. For each individual, it varies. The less you have to pay for medical expenses, the more they cover. Thus, everything is dependent upon your insurance plan and the extent of your employer’s cost-sharing.

Living Expenses in Dubai for a Single Individual

The average monthly cost of living in the Dubai for an individual is AED 4,000, while the average cost of living for a family of four is AED 14,000 a month. This includes necessities like groceries, rent, transportation, and entertainment expenses. The average cost of living in dubai will vary for singles, couples & family. Depending on your lifestyle and spending habits, the cost of living in Dubai might vary significantly. It is dependent upon your way of living. Considering that you haven’t indicated if you want to live a modest life, save as much money as you can, or live in luxury. One’s standard of living in Dubai is determined by their personal choices

Average cost of living in Dubai

Despite being slightly more costly than other cities in the area, numerous studies indicate that Dubai is still less expensive than many major economic centers, including New York, London, and other places. Depending on your circumstances, you can choose to lead a more humble lifestyle in Dubai or a wealthy and opulent one. . Your cost of living can be modified to match your budget based on your tastes and way of life. Due to its abundance of opulent amenities and lavish services, Dubai often has a higher cost of living than other Gulf towns.


The cost of living in Dubai may be more expensive or more affordable for foreigners coming there than it is for them now. The amount you spend is entirely determined by your budget and lifestyle choices, regardless of averages. Dubai offers a variety of both affordable and opulent options. It is feasible to live comfortably in Dubai if you keep a close eye on your spending and budget.

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