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Entrepreneur I Visionary I Philanthropist.

Our Founder, the visionary Mr Ismail Al Hammadi takes his inspiration from none other than His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. Mr. Hammadi believes in bringing about the change in line to the vision and dream of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed. Mr. Hammadi’s concept of Biznet aims at assisting start-ups and current business owners in the UAE, providing them with resourceful information, legal advice and guiding them through a step by step detailed process as required by the UAE law.

With almost 16 years of accumulated experience as Executive Director in TECOM and Dubai Industrial City (Member of Tatweer), Al Hammadi established iron-clad relations with the government and semi government bodies, enabling him not to only provide appropriate consultancies concerning sales or purchase of properties but to also implement streamlined solutions that lead to increase revenues and overall success.

Ismail Al Hammadi serves as a mentor and advisory for projects and business he undertakes. His excellent entrepreneurial and leadership skills provide a strong concrete base not only for his setups and employees but also to his esteemed clientele. He has hand held and mentored his team through various situations, creating a self-sustaining team which leads to a self-sustainable company. The entrepreneur and resourcefulness in Mr Hammadi helps organizations to create profitable changes through unconventional and futuristic thinking using nimble and advanced technology cutting down unwanted time constraints and road blocks. His ventures and synergy till date have complimented hundreds of campaigns, non-profits, legal boards and brands.

His belief in his 3 pointer approach of I.C.E, Imagine. Conceptualize. Execute, has helped build his own ventures to renown brands and the knowledge he imparts to his subordinates continues to teach and inspire on a daily basis. Ismail Al Hammadi is thoroughly focussed and whole heartedly aligned to the vision and goals of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to build a better tomorrow for UAE. His insistence of doing things “the right way” has kept the ethics and morals of his organizations at the top. He is known by his peers, colleagues, followers and employees to be “The Brutal Perfectionist”. He quotes “I personally believe that I am born of a humble origin, and would want to be a good mentor to guide and lead my people, motivate and at the same time push them beyond their capabilities so that they discover their hidden potential and break the shackles that bound their thoughts and capability. I am here today for CHANGE, a change for the betterment and progressive growth of people who work with us and also every individual who associates themselves with me or my organizations. I strongly believe in taking time to listen to people, encourage the youth of today, and inspire them through our work, so that they may learn to cope up with challenging times, be it business or personal life. My vision with all my ventures are to identify individual strengths, provide the team with advanced, innovative and competitive environment so as to create a winning situation for the company and our client”.

His mantra and approach is pretty simple.

Visualize. Invest in people and future Tech. Keep abreast of changing times and needs. Be updated with the needs of the business including law and regulations. Always listen to your Customer. Understand need of your team and the Client. Create a team who is in sync with your vision and goals. Make your team believe in the organization, and finally contribute to the country and society with your work and approach.

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