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Project Management

Achieving project goals

Biznet Consulting will aid your project team from conception to completion in order to achieve a competitive advantage in your industry by defining your project scope, managing risks, measuring and monitoring performance, achieving crucial project milestones and testing the project delivery.

Managing budgets

Handling a project budget must be one of the hardest tasks, that’s why our team will make sure to manage your project costs covering all the project’s phases and activities, accounting for all people costs, as well as material, hardware and software. Biznet Consulting will formally help you a achieve a baseline budget, establish monthly costs, cost controls, metrics and forecasts.

Planning, developing schedules

Just like setting a budget for your company, setting a schedule is equally important. Biznet Consulting will provide a basis for you to monitor and control project activities, assess delays and track project progress, assuring the project team is up to speed with the project schedule and identifying progress to be achieved within the forthcoming progress period.

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