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We play a multifaceted role in development projects by providing full circle services from inception to completion.

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Project Development Consultancy


This service allows clients to request the valuation of a residential villa and the surrounding land on a plot providing paramount considerations, such as: plots details, neighboring plots details, approximative cost, project restrictions and specifications, etc.

Feasibility studies provide a company’s management with crucial information that could prevent the company from entering blindly into risky businesses. Biznet Consulting’s professional team will ensure that a thorough analysis is being done that takes all of the project’s relevant factors into consideration, such as economical, technical, legal and scheduling components, in order to complete the project successfully and to ensure that the project will enlist high return on investment and will fit the owner’s needs.

Guiding project processes from start to finish

The success of any project comes down to planning. Our team of professionals are equipped to help you setting and identifying your projects goals, meeting with stakeholders, defining your task and building your team, defining deliverables, creating a timeline and eliminating any obstacles that may affect your progress – thus executing and completing a foolproof risk-free project.

Planning and controlling resources

Planning your resources carefully will not only help you assign the correct resources for your project, but also manage the costs. Biznet Consulting’s experts will assist you with keeping track of your resources, utilizing them according to the project plan, improve your project’s delivery and secure a margin for your company.

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