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We play a multifaceted role in development projects by providing full circle services from inception to completion.

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Project Development Consultancy


This service allows clients to request the valuation of a residential villa and the surrounding land on a plot providing paramount considerations, such as: plots details, neighboring plots details, approximative cost, project restrictions and specifications, etc.

Feasibility studies provide a company’s management with crucial information that could prevent the company from entering blindly into risky businesses. Biznet Consulting’s professional team will ensure that a thorough analysis is being done that takes all of the project’s relevant factors into consideration, such as economical, technical, legal and scheduling components, in order to complete the project successfully and to ensure that the project will enlist high return on investment and will fit the owner’s needs.


We are monitoring all site activities including finishing and quality checking to make sure the project is completed on time within budget and with highest quality.

We recommend and supervise contractors in a process of interior design and landscape design to ensure the design is well executed and up to standard.


Timelines are a great way to visualize your project plan, outlining project goals and targets, listing all the steps from inception to completion, in order to conceptualize a successful undertaking and minimize risks.


At the heart of the building construction process is the requirement to contribute to the objectives of sustainable structure, and to achieve a more environmental design response, prudent use of resources and maintenance of high level of economic growth, as per relevant authorities. Our role is to ensure that the drawings presented for approval maintain the highest quality excellence required by the Dubai Municipality standards, respecting all specifications regarding size, structural codes etc and while at the same time accommodating owner’s necessities as well.


Biznet Consulting has an appropriate construction procurement method to balance the project variables and to distribute risks in procurement activities, to optimize the inventory cost and attain cost efficiencies.


Contractors / Consultants play a significant role in the construction projects and the selection process for appointing the most appropriate Contractor / Consultant for a specific project plays a crucial role for clients in the implementation and execution process. The pre-qualification of construction Contractors and Consultants is accounted as a very important step with the purpose to identify an array of eligible contractors / consultants, required for post-qualification steps and further considerations. Biznet Consulting is only appointing Dubai Municipality approved Contractors and Consultants for its projects.

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